How to Earn TUBER?

Video Creator: Video creators of original videos will receive 1/3 of the video value rewarded on a daily basis. The video value is calculated based on number of upvotes. The video creator must first successfully claim a video to earn its rewards. If you claim a video that already has a TUBER value, you will immediately claim 1/3 of that value.

Upvote: You will be rewarded with TUBER at the end of the day if you upvote a video. The earlier you upvote, the more TUBER you will be rewarded. Viral videos with more upvotes pay out more rewards. The reward system is designed to encourage you to upvote early on good videos that can potentially go viral. The daily limit for upvotes/downvotes is 5 per day. For details of the upvote reward calculation, please refer to whitepaper Appendix 1.

Share: Every video you share or friend that you invite, we will assign you a unique invitation link to track your invite. For every active friend you invite to TokenTuber, you will receive 50% of his/her Behaviour Rewards for 30 consecutive days. This means the more contributions your friends make to TokenTuber, the more rewards you will earn. Please note that airdrop is not considered as a Behaviour Reward.

All rewards are distributed once every 24 hours.